Tree mod for Minecraft PE

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Tree mod for Minecraft PE

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Download the Tree mod for Minecraft PE and add new types of trees to your game space, and use this resource for survival!

Features of the Tree addon for MCPE

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There are several types of trees in the block world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. The user can cut them down or use them for their needs. But it is also possible to install addons (Tree mod) that allow you to add new trees with unique properties that can be quickly cut down.

Fast Tree Cutting

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The Fast Tree Cutting addon adds just one feature to the Minecraft PE cube world that completely redesigns the mechanics of tree cutting. Typically, players do this one block at a time. However, the addition allows you to get the whole tree by clicking on the bottom block.

Tree mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Taking advantage of the innovation is quite simple. To activate the mode, you need to squat near the desired tree. After punching the bottom, all the blocks will fall to the ground. The capabilities of the addon apply not only to the tree, but also to the fruit or leaves growing on it.

Tree mod for Minecraft PE

The addon provides the simplicity of wood chopping, and regular extraction of resources for the production of sticks, planks and other items will become as fast as possible.

Nature Expansion

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If the player has dreamed of realistic vegetation on the blocky world of Minecraft, he can make his dream come true! The Nanure Expansion addon will diversify the gaming space with new trees, decorate biomes with bright colors and add animation for the falling tree.

Dynamic Trees

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Addon to Minecraft PE – mod Dynamic Trees adds three types of natural objects to the block universe at once:

  • oaks;
  • birches;
  • palm trees.

The oaks will be the tallest and with many branches. If the user decides to cut it down, it will naturally start to fall to the side, after which it will fall to the ground. After a second it will be possible to collect firewood at the place of its fall.

Birch trees will grow in the forests next to the oaks. The creators of the addon awarded these trees with the same physical properties.

But if the player cuts down a palm tree, in addition to wood he will be able to get more valuable fruit – coconuts. From them you can get delicious coconut milk.

Which versions of Minecraft PE support the Tree mod?

Tree addon for Minecraft PE

Now find out if your version of MCPE supports the Tree mod. The answer to this question is important, because the correct operation of the application depends on the compatibility of MCPE versions and update addons.

It is important to install each addon only on the version of Minecraft PE that supports it, to be able to take advantage of all the options of the mod.

The Nature Expansion addon should be installed on versions 1.12.0 – 1.19.50, and the Fast Tree Cutting and Dynamic Trees addons will work on versions 1.16.0 – 1.19.50.

How do I install the Tree mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Tree mod for MCPE

Installing the Tree mod is as easy as possible in Minecraft Pocket Edition, even for novice users. In order to diversify the game world with new vegetation and interesting features, you should only take two steps:

  1. Download the installation file with Tree mod on your PC.
  2. Install the APK file in the application MCPE on your smartphone.

Download Tree mod for MCPE for free

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  • For android devices
  • For iOS devices

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