Tough as Bedrock Addon


Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to create and explore virtual worlds made of blocks. One of the reasons why Minecraft remains so popular is its extensive modding community that creates addons to enhance the game’s features. The Tough as Bedrock addon is one such mod that can be downloaded and installed for free on Minecraft PE.

What is Tough as Bedrock Addon?

The Tough as Bedrock addon is a mod for Minecraft PE that adds a new level of difficulty to the game. With this addon, the game’s enemies become stronger and more difficult to defeat. Additionally, the addon introduces new and challenging mobs, such as the Iron Golem, which is now a hostile mob that attacks players on sight.

Features of the Tough as Bedrock Addon

  • Increased difficulty: The addon makes enemies harder to defeat, making survival more challenging.
  • New mobs: The Iron Golem is now a hostile mob that attacks players on sight, making it more challenging to navigate the world.
  • New weapons: The addon introduces new weapons that are more effective against the game’s tougher enemies.
  • Improved gameplay: The addon provides a new level of excitement to Minecraft PE, making the game more engaging.

How to Install the Tough as Bedrock Addon

Step 1: Download the Addon

To download the Tough as Bedrock addon, visit MCPEDEX and click the download button. The addon will download as a .mcpack file.

Step 2: Import the Addon to Minecraft PE

After downloading the addon, navigate to the Downloads folder on your device and click on the .mcpack file. This will open Minecraft PE, and the game will ask if you want to import the addon. Click yes to begin the import process.

Step 3: Enable the Addon

Once the addon is imported, go to the game settings and navigate to the behavior pack section. Enable the Tough as Bedrock addon by clicking the checkbox next to its name.

Step 4: Play Minecraft PE with the Addon

After enabling the addon, start a new game or continue an existing one. The Tough as Bedrock addon will now be active in the game, providing a new level of difficulty and excitement.

Download Tough as Bedrock Addon for Minecraft PE

The Tough as Bedrock addon is an excellent way to enhance your Minecraft PE experience. With its increased difficulty and new mobs, players can enjoy a more engaging and challenging game. Follow our step-by-step guide to download and install the addon for free on MCPEDEX, and enjoy your newly enhanced Minecraft PE game!

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