Tinker mod for Minecraft PE

Tinker mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods

Global update Tinker mod will add a lot of new tools and resources to the game space of Minecraft, to play with which will be even more interesting. Download free mod Tinker for Minecraft PE is worth every user who wants to expand their abilities. More details below.

Tinker mod for Minecraft PE

Tinker mod for Minecraft PE

Download Tinker mod for Minecraft PE and use new blocks, tools and other items, as well as create additional weapons from unusual materials and repair things! A lot of new opportunities await you in the world of crafting.

What is interesting about the Tinker mod?

Tinker mod for Minecraft PE Crafting

Minecraft PE users have a lot of blocks and items to create structures, and modification developers are constantly adding this list.

mod tinkers construct minecraft pe 1.18

Tinker mod for MCPE will allow players to get new tools, weapons and items for crafting and repairing. There is also a guide to help the player.


Tinker mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition for fre

Some users are familiar with the Tinker mod from the Java edition. The author managed to copy it into Poket Edition, and now it can be used by absolutely all players.

Craftsmen can get new tools, create structures, repair items and make unusual things in the game. For example, the dryer will help players to cook food.

Creating items

Tinker mod Minecraft PE

In Minecraft PE, it is now possible to create different workstations. There is an empty template that helps with this. Player can use the tutorial, which contains everything they need to get started.

tinkers mod minecraft pe 1.19

There is also a new tinker-style crafting table. To apply different patterns, players should use the stencil table. There is also a part builder to create tool parts. The user can combine parts on the tool station.

tinker construct minecraft pe for free

It is also possible to combine parts using the tool table. A tool forge will be needed to get advanced weapons.


Tinker addon for Minecraft PE

Tinker mod for MCPE allows players to repair things. This is a good option because over time, all tools fail. However, it is worth considering that improved things become normal after repair.

New materials

Tinker mod Minecraft Pocket Edition

Developers of the Tinker addon have added additional materials to the cubic world of Minecraft PE. For example, cobalt appears in the Lower World.

Tinker MCPE mod will also introduce ardite and multilevel ingots. They can greatly increase the damage of weapons that are made from them.

Minecraft PE versions compatible with the Tinker mod

tinker mod minecraft pe 2

Minecraft PE player will get much more opportunities in terms of crafting and repairing various items immediately after installing the Tinker mod. However, before you start installing it, you should find out exactly on which versions of Minecraft PE this update will work. Its authors provide information that it is compatible with any of the versions 1.18.0 – 1.19.51.

How to install Tinker mod in Minecraft PE

tinker construct minecraft pe

No difficulties in the installation process of Tinker mod in Minecraft PE should not arise, even for beginners. Procedure is notable for its simplicity and minimal time spent.

You can expand the possibilities in the field of crafting and repair in the block world by following these steps:

  1. Downloading Minecraft Forge followed by installing it.
  2. Downloading a file to install the update.
  3. Unpacking file in .minecraft\mods (for versions 1.6. and above).
  4. Copying file to .minecraft\mods without unpacking (for versions 1.5.2).

Download Tinker mod

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