Tank Mod for Minecraft PE

Tank Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

Tank mod for Minecraft PE

Two Tanks in MCPE Mod

Install the Tank mod for Minecraft PE and demolish any construction in a new-fangled vehicle.

Regarding military issues, there is nothing impressive to choose. Usually, the players’ eye falls precisely on a dynamite or creepers. However, both are not so damaging as tank, and it is the main point. So, the manufacturers made up their minds to create something unstoppable and invincible. The Tank mod will show what exactly.

Just picture how powerful you are traveling on the tank, demolishing the strongest wall or an Endreman on the way.

Mech Containers Mod

Tank Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

This mod is stand-out as was designed by the same creator who made the Mech Tanks. Installing the mod, you have the access to all five types. You will sure to be pleased with the graphics point. The appearance of the objects is by far detailed and is changed in the course of events. The addon captures six new items, including a car’s engine, container body, tracks and turret which are a must for producing a military technic.

You also can pop into the Innovative Stock to take ammunition and fuel and start the machine. Note please that building a strolling fatality system requires iron ingots and green dye.

Battle Container Addon

Tank Mod for MCPE

When installed this mod, you are shown the list of specific military vehicles. Having sophisticated systems, the machines can demolish walls, building, etc by one shot so that no-one left to be alive. Besides, there is enough room to keep all necessary things in.

All in all, you are able to vandalize a bit in the Overworld in the latest wartime cars.


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