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Superman Mod for Minecraft PE – Android & iOS

Install the Superman mod for Minecraft PE and establish fairness in the world.

Once superheroes appeared in our lives and will not want to leave us alone. Marvel does not stop gaining popularity, so everyone still keeps a dream to try their superpower. Minecraft PE has provided all the adorable heroes in the game. Now, it is time to become them and fight for fairness and peace.

Elytra to Fly

Due to the Superman mod, you will be unlimited in flying. You will remain to look the same but have another surprising feature. Invisible elytra have been added to make your flight real – just press the button on the quick access toolbar.

Shoot with Laser

The addon is to help you to transform into the legendary characters of movies and empower you with supernatural abilities to explore the sky yourself. It gives the gameplay a zest, especially during the fight for peace.

The transformation into a superhero is going step-by-step, which allows you to follow the craft instructions thoroughly and carefully.


Laser eyes are the most prominent and outstanding feature to your mob. They do not need to be recharged that make the addon more powerful and attractive to play. Press on the object to shoot.

Two Redstone blocks and Ender’s Eyes are what you need to craft the laser glasses. Check out the Inventory for other abilities which will be very helpful in the flight. These are Fly Booster and Jump Boost. They are as strong and everlasting as elytra.

Download Superman Mod for Minecraft PE

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