Quarry mod for Minecraft PE

Quarry mod for MCPE Mods

Quarry mod for Minecraft PE

how to set up a quarry in minecraft pe

Download the Quarry mod for Minecraft PE and get the resources you need as quickly as possible! We have the most accurate updated version of the addon Quarry, which can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS devices.

What’s new in the Quarry mod update for MCPE?

how to set up a quarry in minecraft

The Quarry mod for MCPE now eliminates the need to spend hours digging holes to find resources. All Minecraft players can now do it quickly and easily.

Quarry mod for MCPE

how to build a quarry in minecraft

The Quarry mod update adds a unique block to the cube world of Minecraft PE, with which you can destroy a platform all the way to its base in a minute. Placing it on the ground and activating it, the player will be able to extract all the resources in a given radius up to the base.

Features of installing the Quarry block

buildcraft mcpe

To begin, you must place the Quarry block on the ground and destroy it. Then a platform of stone will appear, determining the size of the future pit. On the red block on the left you need to place the charcoal to start the process.

Quarry mod for Minecraft PE

Then all blocks within reach will be destroyed. The mechanism will only stop when it reaches the rock. There will be a ladder on one side, which means that the player can use it to descend to the lower level.

Quarry mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

If you want to interrupt early, destroy the red rock block next to the hole. In case you want to stop digging and then start again, get rid of the coal. There are a total of 4 blocks with different digging radii available.

Custom Size Quarry

best quarry mod minecraft

The Custom Size Quarry addon adds a custom sized block to Minecraft Pocket Edition, which gives you the ability to quickly dig a huge hole in the ground from which you can retrieve all items. Custom Size Quarry mod for MCPE will save a lot of time on mining materials.

Quarry mod for MCPE

There is a special tool to find this block, if the player suddenly gets lost. During the game, you can improve the properties of the block. Thus, he will be able to melt materials, accelerate mining, and so on.

Bedrock Drills

what is a quarry in minecraft

Bedrock Drills addon for Minecraft PE allows you to mine resources in the block world as quickly as possible. The developers have created an automatic device that allows the player to not take part in drilling.

Players will no longer need to go down into mines in search of resources, because you can install the add-on and run the drill. You need to descend to a plot of land and create a glass platform. This will allow you to safely observe the drilling process.

Quarry addon Minecraft

Then you can walk up to the device and move the blocks extracted from the ground to the desired location. On which versions of MCPE can be installed mod Quarry with additional addons? Let’s understand about the compatibility of Quarry, Custom Size Quarry and Bedrock Drills mods with Minecraft.

If you clearly follow all the recommendations regarding what versions of Minecraft PE should be installed update mods, everything will work perfectly, allowing the player to extract a variety of resources even faster. It is worth bearing in mind that different modifications of the addon are supported by different versions of MIKPE:

  • Quarry – 1.16.0 – 1.19.50.
  • Custom Size Quarry – 1.17.0 – 1.19.50.
  • Bedrock Drills – 1.18.0 – 1.19.50.

Process of installation mods (Quarry, Custom Size Quarry and Bedrock Drills)

quarry mod minecraft 1.19

Installing the Quarry, Custom Size Quarry and Bedrock Drills mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition is very easy. To get access to all the features provided by the modification, you need to follow the instructions of the addon installation process. Do not assume that it will cause difficulties, because any user will be able to cope with its two simple steps.

how to use Quarry mod - Minecraft PE

How to install Quarry mods in MCPE:

  1. The first step is to download the installation file.
  2. Open it in the MCPE application.
  3. Initialize the installation.
  4. Start a new game!

Download Quarry, Custom Size Quarry and Bedrock Drills mod for MCPE

Quarry addon for Minecraft PE - install and download

  • Download Quarry mod (for Android and iOS)
  • Download Custom Size Quarry mod
  • Download Bedrock Drills mod

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