PocketPower mod for Minecraft PE

PocketPower mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods

This is one of the most popular and useful updates, which allows you to create redstone schemes. In addition, in the cubic world will appear items that the player will be able to use in these schemes. A more detailed description of the PocketPower MCPE mod is presented below.

PocketPower mod for Minecraft PE

PocketPower mod for Minecraft PE

Download the PocketPower mod for Minecraft PE to play with complex constructions from redstone in older versions. Such a game will turn out to be much more interesting and fascinating due to the expanded features.

What does the PocketPower mod do in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

PocketPower mod for MCPE

Redstone is one of the most important and things in the block world. But many players can’t use it because it hasn’t been added to older versions of Minecraft PE.

Nevertheless, if a player needs something in the game world but it’s not there, there are always modifications to fix it.

pocketpower addon

This is exactly what the PocketPower MCPE mod does.

Users get real redstone gadgets and circuits to build. This means that the capabilities of the game have increased.


PocketPower addon for Minecraft PE

Building something new requires something that never existed before. The PocketPower mod for Minecraft PE adds tons of different blocks to the game.

For example, the main ingredient appeared here. Redstone can be found in caves. It usually appears on the lower levels of the world.

pocketpower mod

However, the player can often find it in dungeon chests. There is also a good chance of it being dropped by a witch. Redstone is widely used in all types of machines.


PocketPower mod Minecraft PE

Users need something else to build redstone traps.

pocketpower mod for minecraft pe 1.17

Levers activate a constant signal, buttons send a short redstone sign, and pressure plates will send a pulse as long as they have something on them.

pocketpower mod for minecraft pe 1.19

These are activators, but there must be something to turn on. The lamps are obviously used to light rooms, but the pistons can move blocks in the cubic world.

This means that you can move entire structures remotely, which is ideal for creating a trap to kill your enemies or troll your friends.

pocketpower mod for minecraft pe 1.18

There are also some blocks used in more complex mechanisms. These include repeaters, sticky pistons, and others.

What versions of MCPE can I install the PocketPower mod on?

PocketPower mod Minecraft

Developers of modifications always focus the attention of users on the fact that they need to be installed only on compatible with them versions of Minecraft PE. Only in this case, you can be sure that the update will work perfectly, filling the game world with new opportunities. Compatible with PocketPower mod for MCPE are versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51.

What is required to install the PocketPower mod in Minecraft?

PocketPower mod for Minecraft PE 1 19

Installing the PocketPower update requires concentration from the Minecraft user, which will not make mistakes and as a result get a lot of new things in the block world.

First you need to download and install the Block Launcher, if it hasn’t been downloaded before. After that, you should download the update itself, which is installed as an app. All done!

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