Llama Quest mod for Minecraft PE

llama quest for minecraft bedrock Mods

On the site MCPEDEX you can explore in detail the update of the mod LlamaQuest for Minecraft Pocket Edition, download the free APK installation file with the addon and get instructions on how to download and install this mod.

Llama Quest mod for Minecraft PE

llama quest APK minecraft bedrock

The mod Llama Quest for Minecraft PE will give you a chance to try your luck at surviving in a world with new technologies, unusual food and generation! Now we will tell you the details of the Llama Quest mod in MCPE.

Quick details

llama quest mod for minecraft bedrock

Surviving in the blocky world of Minecraft is an exciting experience. However, any game eventually faces one problem. It lies in the fact that the user gets used to everything, and normal survival becomes boring.

Llama Quest mod for Minecraft PE

In this case, you should use the mod Llama Quest for MCPE. The update will completely change the survival and make it much more interesting. It will provide new items and even a new generation.


llama quest addon for minecraft bedrock

One of the most interesting features of the Llama Quest Minecraft PE mod is the quests. There are a total of 100 quests in the game in four directions:

  • Automation;
  • cooking;
  • exploration;
  • magic.

There are 25 tasks in each area. To get the initial book of quests, you must activate the bonus chest when creating a world.


llama quest addon for minecraft 2

Another equally interesting innovation in the Llama Quest MCPE mod is the new food. There is so much of it here that everyone will find something they like. The user can eat donuts, burgers, steak, as well as drink various cocktails or juices. And this is just a small fraction of all the available foods in this update.

Llama Quest mod for MCPE

Users should go out into the world and find this chest. It will contain two books. One includes information about mods and the other about quests.

Advanced Equipment.

Llama Quest addon for Minecraft PE

It is also worth noting that the Llama Quest mod for MCPE adds various equipment to the game. Thanks to this, an industry appears in the block world. The main energy here is RF – Restone Flux. Everything around works thanks to this energy. You can also get a book in the game that describes each item of advanced equipment.

Other features.

Llama Quest addon for Minecraft

Also the update provides a collection of some other mods. Among them are soul magic, much more food, better trees, stratospheric colors, natural structures and the enderite addon. This modification further changes the generation in the game by adding new trees and changing biomes.

Which versions of Minecraft PE support the Llama Quest mod?

Llama Quest addon for MCPE

Correct operation of the Llama Quest mod update is possible only if it is installed on the supporting versions of Minecraft PE. That is why it is important to consider the information about the compatibility of the modification and the versions of Minecraft PE before installing it. To diversify the game world with Llama Quest mod, you can install it on versions 1.16.0 – 1.19.50.

How to install the Llama Quest mod in Minecraft PE?

Llama Quest addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The main difference in the installation process of the update is that it is extremely simple, which allows you to cope with it even novice users without any experience. The first thing to do is to download the Llama Quest mod APK installation file to your PC or laptop. After that, you need to install the mod in MCPE. This completes the installation!

Download Llama Quest mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Llama Quest mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Below you can use the links to download the installation APK file with Llama Quest mod for your MCPE. The version is stable and supported by all smartphones running the android operating system.

  • For Android
  • For IOS

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