Lady Bug Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Lady Bug Mod for Minecraft PE free Mods

Download Lady Bug Mod for Minecraft PE

Lady Bug Mod for Minecraft PE – Android 

Install the Lady Bug mod for Minecraft PE and fancy yourself as lovely superheroes who wish to protect the world from enemies.

Lady Bug Mod for MCPE

Those, who are keen on the prominent Lady Bug and Super Cat, will be pleased to install this fascinating mod. Taking over their appearance, the players will also have the same superpowers to be fast, curious, clever and lovely.

Lovely Lady Bug

Cartoons, in which two teenagers having superpowers save the world from enemies, have become the ground for the Lady Bug mod.

To make the app work correctly, you will have to turn on the experimental mode. If you push the command /function miraculous, you will get Cat’s earrings and ring. Moreover, a fishing rod helps you to get along with Lady Bug and she will come along with you the whole gameplay.


Treat these lovely creatures with their favourite goodies and they give you special superpowers.

The Lady Bug addon make more animals appear in Minecraft PE. These are butterfly, peacock, bee, turtle, fox, black cat, and Lady Bug. The butterfly helps to get along with zombies, holding a scepter and enjoying cookies. The peacock has a fan to make friendly mobs and keen on seeds. The bee hits and paralyses in the fight and love honey. The turtle can make a wall to protect the player, but you should feed it with seaweeds. The fox has a flute to make an illusion of ore and chests and does not mind having sweet berries. The Black Cat is perfect at breaking walls and cheese-fed. Lady Bug is masterful at yo-yo and keen on cookies. She provides the player with a weapon.

Download Lady Bug Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.13.0 – 1.19.30 for Android

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