Kitchen mod for Minecraft PE

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Better entertainment in the game world of Minecraft PE now with the Kitchen mod! You can download and install it below. In the meantime, we recommend reading our review of this addition.

Kitchen mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Kitchen mod for Minecraft PE

Kitchen mod download

Download the Kitchen mod for Minecraft PE and furnish your kitchen with the latest furniture! Yes, now it is possible with the Kitchen addon update for Minecraft Pocket Edition! All the details are already in our review.

What will appear in MCPE with the Kitchen mod?

Despite the large number of different blocks in the cubic universe MCPE, sometimes they may not be enough. Especially often this problem arises during the arrangement of the interior. In such a situation, modifications are the best solution. Kitchen mod for MCPE will add to the game all the necessary furniture that you will need to equip your kitchen.

Kitchen mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition


Kitchen Minecraft

This is one of the most famous mods for Minecraft PE. Among the large amount of furniture, there are also blocks for the kitchen. First of all, it is worth noting the presence of a stove. With its help, the player can fry any dishes, using raw food.

Kitchen mod for MCPE

Next, you need to hold the cursor on the oven, after which a button will appear. After clicking on it the menu will open. Here you can turn any raw food into fried food. In addition to the oven, the addon has a microwave oven. Inside it, the user can see a cooked steak.

Creating items

Kitchen mod Minecraft PE

Thanks to the Kitchen module, the Minecraft PE player can create all the kitchen furniture present in the game. First you need to get the clay and three dyes: green, red and blue. Clay should be placed in the middle of the workbench, blue dye on the right, green on the left, and red on top. After that you need to put this item in the stone cutter to get the necessary furniture.


Kitchen addon for Minecraft PE APK file

In the Kitchen mod addition, the player can find a lot of different and useful furniture. First of all, it has four types of tables. You can place a lot of other different furniture on them. Also, the addon adds a sofa to the game.

Kitchen addon for Minecraft PE

In order to sit on it, you need to point the cursor and click on the button that appears. In addition, the player can find special items to interact with this furniture. Coloring, rotating, moving, destroying – you can do all this with any items.

On which versions of MСPE will the Kitchen mod work?

Kitchen addon for Minecraft PE 2

The Minecraft PE player will be able to get at his disposal a large variety of kitchen furniture and utensils, if he takes advantage of the Kitchen mod update. But he should definitely pay attention to the fact that his addons should always be installed on those versions of Minecraft PE, which are compatible with them. Both addons included in the mod will work on any of the MCPE versions: 1.12.0 – 1.19.50.

How do I install the Kitchen mod in Minecraft PE?

Kitchen addon for MCPE

Before installing the Kitchen mod for Minecraft PE, you need to familiarize yourself with the simple rules that you need to follow in the process. This will allow you to quickly add to the game space a lot of new items to equip the kitchen. First, the user needs to download the installation APK file of the Kitchen mod. In the next step, it is necessary to install this file in Minecraft PE.

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