Iron Man Mod for Minecraft PE

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Iron Man Mod for Minecraft PE – Version MCPE 1.2.0 – 1.19.30 for Android

Install the Iron Man mod for Minecraft PE and combine parts of the superheroes’ costumes to create your own.

Iron Man Mod for MCPE

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The fans of Marvel keep on rejoicing, they are able to experience the legend of cinematography, Iron Man. They watched the whole development of the character in the movies and films, and now they can install the Iron Man mod and try out plenty of modifications.

Marvel Craft

What if you can take over the best from different characters and create another piece of art? Sound intriguing, for sure. But it is real to take over the best from Spider-Man, Captain America and Tony Stark at once. MC world reflects the Marvel universe and makes it possible to have the same superpowers as heroes.

Mind it, with the Iron Man mod, the hostile opponents from comics or films appear, too. There is a growing chance to meet the X-Men superheroes, Ultron and Phoenix.

Iron Man

The Iron Man mod for MCPE is much more attractive when you become aware that you can fly and fire with a weapon in the Tony Star-like costumes. But before it, you have to learn the technology for producing energy.

Originally, you get the armour, but you can craft the technical lab with materials scattered around, such as oars and metal.

Avengers Infinity War

When the mod is installed, it will be possible to get six infinity stones and other objects from Marvel. The stone, by the way, does not empower you, but the glove will save you from death.

The battle with Thanos will be decisive for the MCPE world’s inhabitants. He has 1000 health units and is able to teleport with a space stone.

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