Iron Chests Mod for Minecraft PE


Iron Chests Mod for Minecraft PE is a game-changing modification that brings new storage solutions for players. Increase your storage capacity with unique and powerful chests. Download the mod for free on MCPEDEX!

Features of Iron Chests Mod

Expanded Storage Options

Iron Chests Mod introduces a variety of chests, each with different storage capacities. Choose from iron, gold, diamond, crystal, and obsidian chests to suit your storage needs.

Easy Upgrades

Upgrade your existing chests without losing their contents. Simply craft an upgrade item and apply it to your chest to expand its capacity.

Aesthetics and Organization

Iron Chests Mod adds visually distinct chests that make organizing your inventory easier and more enjoyable.

How to intstall

Follow these simple steps to install Iron Chests Mod for Minecraft PE:

  1. Download the mod file from the link below at MCPEDEX.
  2. Launch Minecraft PE and enable the “Experimental Gameplay” option in the settings.
  3. Navigate to the “Resource Packs” and “Behavior Packs” sections and apply the Iron Chests Mod.
  4. Restart Minecraft PE, and the mod will be activated.

Download Iron Chests Mod for Minecraft PE

Iron Chests Mod for Minecraft PE offers a much-needed storage upgrade for players looking to optimize their inventory. Download it for free on MCPEDEX and enhance your gameplay experience today!

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