Instant House mod for Minecraft PE

Instant House Mod Mods

Instant House mod for Minecraft PE

Instant House Mod Minecraft PE

Download the Instant House mod for Minecraft PE and use simple commands to build different houses and create your own city!

About Instant House mod for MCPE

instant structures mod for minecraft pe

The creators of the mod Instant House for MCPE give the opportunity not to spend a long time on the construction of dwellings in the cubic world. Now the player can build quickly and easily with the Instant House mod for MCPE.

Instant House for Minecraft Pocket Edition

minecraft instant house mod apk download

Forget about spending hours building a dwelling in order to survive in a blocky world. The MCPE Instant House mod allows you to create as many houses as you need. The player can build a city in his game world.

The add-on also allows you to build cottages and huge mansions. There is a simple “/function” command to help with this. Each house is equipped, and looks good both outside and inside.

The “/function Help” command will allow you to view a list of houses and their locations.

Instant House mod for Minecraft PE - Commands

Commands for houses:

– “/function House” means an equipped, medium-sized house;

– “/function House 1” is for a house with a swimming pool;

– “/function House 2” is for a cottage;

– “/function Mansion” is for a mansion.

In case you need to build all objects, “/function Allbuilds” will help.

Remember to make a copy of your world, otherwise you might lose all the houses.

Instant Structures

minecraft instant modern house mod

For MCPE, Instant Structures is a great addon for the cubic world that allows players to build a house or other structure simply by using commands.

By the way, the Instant Structures addon adds more than just houses to the game space. Players can also get various buildings, large trees, monuments, and more. You will get all these objects in one click.

Download Instant Structures for MCPE and save your time required for building. Create entire cities in a couple of minutes!

For a quick build, use the “/function” command and select the desired object.

Instant Structures 2

minecraft modern house mod download

Create entire cities in the blink of an eye with this add-on for Minecraft PE. It includes a lot of buildings. Using the “/function” command, you can create villages and even cities.

The Instant Structures 2 addon also includes boats, balloons and more!

With which versions of MCPE is the mod Instant House, Instant Structures 1, 2 compatible?

instant house mod download

Correct work of the modification is possible only if it is installed on Minecraft PE versions that support it. It should be understood that the mod includes several addons, each of which is supported by specific versions of MCPE:

  • Instant House – 1.14.0 – 1.19.50.
  • Instant Structures – 1.16.0 – 1.19.50.
  • Instant Structures 2 – 1.17.0 – 1.19.50.

What do I need to install the Instant House mod?

Instant House mod for MCPE

In order to get access to all the features of the update, it is necessary to install the Instant House mod in your MCPE. Each user will be able to do it himself, following a couple of simple steps:

  • downloading the installation file on your PC;
  • Installing the downloaded file in Minecraft PE.


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