Hulk Mod for Minecraft PE

Hulk Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

Version Hulk Mod for MCPE 1.2.0 – 1.19.40 for Android

Hulk Mod for Minecraft PE

Red Hulk Mod for Minecraft PE

Install the Hulk mod for Minecraft PE (MCPE) to get superpower and shake the cube world.

Marvel fans are rejoicing as the manufacturers have created the Hulk mod for Hulk Mod for Minecraft PE to turn a player into a superhero to shake the world. Now you have unbelievable superpower to fight with your double.

HD Hulk Mod for Minecraft PE

Hulk V3 Mod for Minecraft PE

Thanks to the Hulk V3, you can try the ordinary mob and Buster. These two do not intend to make friends with each other and scuffle quite often. If you would like to find out how Buster looks, you may think of Iron Man. These are really similar. Steve is able to travel on land and air on his back. If you hover over the character and push the ride command, you can get on it. But bear in mind that he is capable to attack aggressive mobs.

Golem Hulk Mod for Minecraft PE

To make up a powerful superhero, you need a carved pumpkin and four iron green blocks to put two of them on each other and other two on the sides from the upper side. The last thing to do is to put the pumpkin instead of his head.

Hulk Addon v4 for Minecraft PE

Build Hulk Hulk Mod for Minecraft PE

This Halk for MCPE addon reveals a character with more feature. He appears wearing glasses and have muscle tone. Moreover, the mob is detailed drawn and available on most versions.

Hulk mod for MCPE

Over the Hulk MCPE addon, green and red mobs are coming. Both are by much aggressive and demolish everything they see jumping high, running fast and roaring loud. The red mob strikes with fire and the health units decrease during attacks. Nevertheless, the degree of damage increases.

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