GTA mod for Minecraft PE

GTA mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods

A unique update allows you to combine the blocky world of Minecraft PE and the universe of the legendary game GTA. It adds to the game space almost all the famous characters from each part. Download mod GTA for MCPE for free with subsequent installation on versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 should be to diversify the block world with elements of your favorite game.

GTA mod for Minecraft PE

Download the GTA mod for Minecraft PE to turn your peaceful sandbox into a violent gangster game. Now you can participate in street battles, confront bandits and get firearms at your disposal.

mod gta 5 minecraft pe 1.18

Addon update GTA for MCPE – features

GTA mod for Minecraft PE

GTA and Minecraft PE are two of the best-selling games of our time. As of late, they are combined, thanks to the GTA module for MCPE. This makes all the gang warfare in the sandbox possible.

gta v mod for minecraft pocket edition

But this modification improves already existing aspects of the game, making it much more interesting.

gta san andreas mod for minecraft pe

In addition, other add-ons of Minecraft PE change the graphical interface so that it looks like GTA.

GTA Street Fights.

GTA mod for MCPE

According to the developers, the addon is one of the most popular. Many weapons, skins and mobs appear in the block world.

gta 5 mod for minecraft pe

Unfortunately, most of the features replace existing resources. For example, the chainsaw is in place of the axe, and the bandit’s knife replaces the sword.

gta 5 mod for minecraft pe download

These items definitely fit the atmosphere of the block world, as it is now filled with gangsters and criminals.

GTA addon Minecraft PE

Villagers have been replaced by fighters and thugs from various gangs. This means that the player’s life is now much more fragile than before.

Normal villagers remain neutral if the user does not attack them first. There is no way the player can tame these mobs.


GTA mod Minecraft PE

Villagers are not the only ones that have been replaced in the game – cadavers, zombies, skeletons and many other mobs are now different.

GTA addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition

For example, members of the Ballas gang are cadavers, and zombie skeletons have become cops. By the way, all gang members attack other gangs, including cops.

The cops are also neutral, so the player should not insult them so as not to provoke a fight.

GTA addon for Minecraft PE

On the other hand, skeletons now serve as members of the Vagos. They are one of the most dangerous gangs in the world.

The player can cooperate with the police to fight off these mobs. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to keep the pig-men zombies at your side in the past.

On which versions of Minecraft PE will the GTA mod work?


How correctly GTA mod update will work, giving the user unhindered access to all the features, depends directly on the version of Minecraft PE, on which it is installed. If we are talking about unsupported version of the mod, do not count on its normal operation. No problem if you install mod GTA for MCPE on any of the versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.5.

Is it easy to install GTA mod in Minecraft PE?

GTA mod Minecraft Pocket Edition

There is no difficulty in installing the update, and thus fill the cubic universe with the famous heroes of the legendary game. Spectacular street fights will become available immediately after the user:

  1. Downloads the GTA mod.
  2. Finds the downloaded file on the device and makes it run by importing it into the game.
  3. Open MCPE and go to the Settings section.
  4. Selects the imported resource packs.
  5. Will restart Minecraft PE.
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