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Flash Mod for Minecraft PE – Android & iOS

Install the Flash mod for Minecraft PE and take over super-fast speed and high jump from your favourite DC Comics superhero.

Whenever you watched films about superheroes, you always wished to fancy your favourite characters. The Flash Mod helps you make your dreams come true and get new exciting experiences moving fast in MCPE as Flash.


Download Flash Mod for MCPE

The addon introduces unique armour to his inventory which helps the player travel around extremely fast. You are lucky if you have so much energy and resources. Not to get worn out, you should keep one gold bar and diamond sword, 19 blocks of red wool and 20 red specks of dust. Therefore, you are empowered with high speed, jump and health rates. There is also a weapon due to which you can hit an opponent with one blow.

Justice League Evolve

Apart from the superpower, new creatures appear with this addon too. These will definitely make your gameplay more exciting. The spawn eggs are necessary for revealing one. Check out the inventory to find out how to craft. Each creature is possible to tame and take with you to explore the MCPE world.

In case you are about to create Flash, take a purple dye and one egg. Tame it with a golden nugget.

Beware of coming across your opponents, from Steppenwolf and Black Adam to Solomon Grundy.

Batman 3D Armour

Due to this addon, it is possible to try on unique bulky armour which resembles DC comics’ heroes. To alter it, take the cauldron and pour some water in. Then, add dye and a leather breastplate. And here you get lighting strips on the costume.

The Dark Knight, the Wonder Woman and the Man of Steel are wandering here too.

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