Elevator mod for Minecraft PE

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An update that allows you to quickly move between 2 points will make your stay in the block world more comfortable. It is worth downloading the Elevator mod for Minecraft PE to add to the game the function of vertical movement. Below is a description of the other options.

Elevator mod for Minecraft PE

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Download Elevator mod for Minecraft PE, and the new transport system will allow you to move faster. New mechanisms will appear in the game, with which you can move vertically with a range of up to 10 units.

What’s new in Minecraft PE after installing this Elevator mod?

Elevator mod for Minecraft PE

Moving vertically has always been difficult for many players. Now that’s all about to change. Thanks to totally new elevators and other mechanisms, this process will become much more comfortable.

All you have to do is to craft the necessary materials and place them in the right places. All this takes less than 5 minutes.

RhanCandia’s Elevator

Elevator mod for Minecraft PE download

Moving between floors of houses as well as climbing mountains is very tiring for many users. That’s why something is needed to eliminate this problem.
“An elevator would come in handy,” the developer thought, and released this addon. Using iron ingots, 2 pieces of redstone dust and gold ingot, you can craft an elevator block. There are other recipes as well.

Elevator Block Mod.

Elevator mod for MCPE

The add-on works in much the same way as all the others. The user needs to create a certain block and then stand on it. The ingredients are not that expensive, and they are not hard to find.

All that is required is 8 wool blocks and 1 iron bar. Once the player has stepped on it, the Up or Down button must be pressed to move between floors. The switch is usually located in the lower right corner of the screen.


Elevator mod Minecraft PE

Many users have already heard of the gravity gun from Half-Life. Now it’s available in the cubic universe. This marvelous weapon can do many things: throw monsters away or move player up and down.

But first, you need to get this cannon. In order to do that, you need to type /gravitygun get. Using this weapon is quite easy. You should click on the monster that the player would like to raise, and then click where you want it to go.

Useful Blocks.

Elevator mod Minecraft Pocket Edition

These cubes don’t look much like an elevator, but they can perform many functions. For example, the display block will protect against backlash.

The elevator block will move users up and down at will. There are 10 new blocks in the block world, and they are all quite unique.

For example, the chopper block deals damage to anyone standing on it.

Compatible with Elevator mod versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition

elevator mod for minecraft pe 1.18

It is worth paying attention to the recommendations of the developers of add-ons on what versions of Minecraft PE they can be installed. Only in this case, the correct work of each addon will be ensured. Thus, the addition RhanCandia’s Elevator is designed for any of the versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51. Elevator blocks addon will work when installed on versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51. GravityGun and Utility Blocks addons require versions 1.13.0 – 1.19.51 to work correctly.

How do I install Elevator mod in MCPE?

moving elevator mod minecraft pe

Any of the addons of the Elevator mod, which integrates new blocks and the ability to move vertically into the Minecraft PE game space, can be installed by following a few simple steps. There are no problems if you strictly follow the instructions below:

  1. First, the Forge is installed, if it was not previously installed.
  2. Installing ThutCore.
  3. Downloading the update and copying it to C:/Users/USER NAME/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods.
  4. Running MСPE in the Launcher with Forge.
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