Doctor Strange Mod for Minecraft PE

Doctor Strange Mod for MCPE Mods

Doctor Strange Mod for Minecraft PE – Version MCPE 1.9.0 – 1.19.30 for Android

Install the Doctor Strange mod and manage time flying between portals.

Marvel heroes are gaining popularity and their mobs are becoming a must. Minecraft PE is your chance to experience Captain America, Spider-Man or their enemies. The Doctor Strange mod teaches you to take a hold of time by building portals and battle with the main villains. Beware, you turned on the experimental game mode.

Doctor Strange Mod for MCPE

Doctor Strange Mod for Minecraft PE - download

The mod has collected all the Marvel Chronicles superheroes. With the help of the addon, the player will be able to control time. After the installation, look thoroughly at the guideline to correctly use the mob as he is able to travel through time. The theme track will be playing the whole gameplay.


Doctor Strange Mod for Minecraft PE - download

There are four variants of spell: the Time Stone, the strike of the ancient summons, the shield and the air. The first one is to slow down the aggressive mobs. The second one causes lightning to speed up the attack. The third one is for immunity from damage. And the last one helps the player fly.

Several players are allowed to be in the portal at once and be free in the game space.


Apart from the Doctor Strange mod for MCPE, another favourite character Spider-Man appears. This hero needs the Doctor, so they will go hand in hand the whole gameplay. The main sorcerer will take advantage of his power and secure the citizens from damage. By the way, the superhero has 800 units of health and the damage they cause is 10 units.

Sandman, Green Goblin, Electro, Lizard, Vulture, Venom, and Doctor Octopus will also pop up after installing the Doctor Strange mod.

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