Demon Slayer mod for Minecraft PE

demon slayer addfor minecraft pe 1.18 and 1.19 update Mods

Demon Slayer mod for Minecraft PE

Demon Slayer mod

Download the Demon Slayer mod for Minecraft PE to add cool weapons to the block world and fight monsters!

About the update of the Demon Slayer mod for MCPE

demon slayer addon minecraft

There are many fans of Japanese animation among MCPE users. They will be happy to get a weapon from “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, well known as Demon Slayer. The new Demon Slayer mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition is available in several variations.

Demon Slayer.

demon slayer addon for minecraft pe

“Evil Destroying Sword” or “Demon Slayer” is a blade with unique characteristics. The player gets a chance to use it. The Demon Slayer mod for MCPE will provide the player with swords and different types of attacks.

Demon Slayer addon

The weapons are suitable for spectacular battles. They are not just blades for killing enemies, but a whole art of combat, part of the anime culture.

You can watch as flames fly around, creating patterns in the air. There are many types of attacks that help set up an entire performance in the block universe.

Animated Swords.

demon slayer addon for minecraft pe

If you are tired of using the standard sword available in the game world and want something new, you should give preference to the Demon Slayer MCPE mod. Its developers offer to buy a real Japanese sword.

Update mod Demon Slayer adds a new material to the game space Minecraft Pocket Edtion. The player can craft 2 blades, each of which controls a particular element – fire or water.

demon slayer mod for minecraft pocket edition

Each blade has an amulet on it. Thanks to them, the user is able to choose the type of attack. They place the machine where defenses are rarely found.

The player can attack his enemies using various dance arts, such as the Fire God Dance. So, if you want to attack beautifully in a cubic world or surprise your friends, use this modification and you will succeed.

Demon Slayer mod

The Demon Slayer mod for MCPE helps the user to be more flexible, and includes different animations. You can watch the player animations and then effectively kill the enemy. There are also different patterns on the weapons.

On which versions of Minecraft PE will the Demon Slayer addon work?

demon slayer mod for minecraft pe mobile

Before proceeding directly to downloading the Demon Slayer mod files to install the addons, you should make sure that the existing versions of MCPE are compatible with them. This is the key condition for the correct operation of the modification, with the observance of which the player will be able to access its content. Both addons mods (Demon Slayer and Animated Swords) are supported by versions 1.17.0 – 1.19.50.

Is it difficult to install?

demon slayer mod apk for minecraft pe

In most cases, users have no trouble downloading the installer or loading it into Minecraft PE. Even a novice user who has no experience in such matters is able to cope with it independently. First you need to download the file, which is worth opening in your MCPE afterwards.

Download Demon Slayer mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

demon slayer mod minecraft pe android

  • For Android OS
  • For IOS

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