Deadpool Mod for Minecraft PE

Deadpool Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

Deadpool Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Deadpool Mod MCPE

Install the Deadpool Mod for Minecraft PE and have fun when attacking hostile mobs.

This hero is versatile and adored by many players around the world. They want to be alike, taking over a sense of humour. The Deadpool Mod will make your game more exciting for sure.

Deadpool MCPE

Deadpool Mod for Minecraft PE - gameplay

Over Deadpool mob, there is a hero having 500 units of hearts and a sword behind the back. When he attacks, the opponent loses 20 hearts. The player will find it comfortable to keep tabs on heart rate on the hub scale.


Deadpool Mod for Minecraft PE - Equipment & Armour

There are three types of weapons: an armour, a sword and a pistol.

As you know, the armour, having 100 units of durability, gives the player strength and power. Another significant weapon against aggressive mobs is a sword, the damage to which is 20 units. Moreover, you can decrease an opponent’s health by 10 units.

Marvel 3D Armour

Deadpool Mod for Minecraft PE apk

Due to the Deadpool addon, it is possible for players to alter the way the character looks. The Deadpool armour will be available via command /function Deadpool. Turn on the experimental game mode for a stable operation. Check out the Inventory as there you can try on hammocks of Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America’s Shield, and armour in the form of Thanos.


Deadpool Mod for Minecraft PE for android

Open the file .mcaddon when the download finishes, and it will be automatically restored. In case you want to start through the editing menu, you need to activate textures and features of the Deadpool mod.


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