Crocodile mod for Minecraft PE

Crocodile mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods

Crocodiles are among the most dangerous predators on the planet, and their appearance in block world will make the gameplay more exciting. You can add these creatures to the game if you download the Crocodile mod for Minecraft PE for free. About what else interesting will appear in the game space, read below.

Crocodile mod for Minecraft PE

Crocodile mod for Minecraft PE

Download Crocodile mod for Minecraft PE to create several varieties of predators that will inhabit the water bodies of the cubic world! The game has never been more poignant!

What’s new in Minecraft PE after installing Crocodile mod?

Crocodile mod Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE’s blocky world is home to a lot of dangerous predators. Now the user can add predatory creatures to its aquatic part as well. In this will help mod Crocodile for MCPE.

It will add alligators and other reptiles that are found in the aquatic environment to the playing space. The developers have also added terrestrial predators that live in different parts of the world.


Crocodile mod for MCPE

After installing the add-on with crocodile in the block world of Minecraft PE, you can meet three different crocodiles at once. Any of them the user will find in the swamp biome.

They are aggressive to all the inhabitants of the cubic universe dwelling both on land and under water. There are only a few characters that reptiles are neutral to.


Crocodile addon Minecraft PE

These creatures are known as fast and very dangerous predators. The update will add alligators to the Minecraft PE game world.

Creature carries a danger to the user. It is quite difficult to defeat, because its health level reaches forty units. The predator looks incredibly threatening thanks to the realistic animations.

In order to hunt them, you should go to the swamps of the block universe.

Animals of the world

reptile mod minecraft pe

Unique to the addon is that it introduces not just a crocodile, but also other predatory creatures into the Minecraft game space. The in-game inventory includes spawn eggs for new mobs. In survival mode, new creatures are found in biomes.

Minecraft crocodile mod

Swamp – the usual habitat of the crocodile. Its health is twenty units. Damage from his attack is equal to 14 units.

Crocodile mod

It’s not easy to escape from it, because it moves perfectly both on land and water.

Crocodile mod MCPE

After the death of the predator, the user can get its skin.

It is not possible to tame reptiles. The developer of the update decided not to add this option. Users will also be introduced to snakes and chameleons.

Compatible with Crocodile mod versions of Minecraft PE

MCPE Crocodile mod

The information about this is quite important, and it should be taken into account before proceeding to install the Crocodile mod. The fact is that if you install any of the add-ons of the Crocodile mod on a version of Minecraft PE that is not compatible with it, it will not work. You can open access to all the new features by installing the following addons on the specified versions of MCPE:

  • Alligator – 1.9.0 – 1.19.51.
  • Crocodile – 1.13.0 – 1.19.51.
  • Animals of the World – 1.18.0 – 1.19.51.

How to install Crocodile mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Crocodile mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Install the mod Crocodile for Minecraft PE on your own can even a beginner, because there is nothing complicated about it. Below is a guide that you need to follow in the process of installing the update:

  1. Download Crocodile mod for Minecraft PE.
  2. Run the received file on your device to import it into the game.
  3. Open MCPE and go to the Settings section.
  4. Go to Resource Sets and Addon Sets, where you need to find textures and addons, respectively, and click to activate them.
  5. Restart the MCPE game client.
  6. Open the game again and enter the previously configured world.

Download Crocodile mod for MCPE

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