Captain America Mod for Minecraft PE

Captain America Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

Captain America Mod for Minecraft PE

Install the Captain America mod for Minecraft PE and protect the world from enemies.

We, the real fans, do not want to stay away from our legendary heroes of Marvel, and are eager to experience the same superpower as they have. So, Minecraft PE is the best place to make our wish come true. Now, it is time to become them and save the world.

The Captain Mod is one of the most addons which reveals so strong character but modest.


Download Captain America Mod for Minecraft PE

The most outstanding feature comes with the mod’s installation is 3D shield. It is available in the survival world and very persistent. Its rates are high in damage and health.


To obtain the Captain’s shield, ask for village citizens. You will have to pay 10 diamonds but you can reduce it, fortunately. It will be a real bargain. There is another way to get the shield, but it is too disgusting. It is possible to take one from a drowned man.

Moreover, a loyalty spell can make the shield return to you after a throw.


Apart from the shield, you will be able to get Mjolnir. Check out the Inventory for this prominent weapon made of the vibranium. Do not forget to turn on the experimental mod to obtain the weapon and the shield.

Moreover, one natural phenomenon can serve as a weapon. This relates to lighting. A hammer will cause the lighting to hit the opponents. The hammer is immediately spelt when you are holding it. Throw the instrument over at the object and make the lighting appear.

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