Cape mod for Minecraft PE

Cape mod Minecraft Mods

Cape mod for Minecraft PE

Cape mod for Minecraft PE

Download the cape mod for Minecraft PE and make gameplay more interesting by wearing unique capes, changing the texture and trying different prints.

Cape mod features for MCPE

If the MCPE user wants to wear a cape, the Cape mod will help him to do so. The developers have created several different kinds of them. Some of them are custom, others replace items in the game.

Wearable Cape Banners.

Cape mod for Minecraft PE - APK file

Do you want to wear a cape while in a block world? This addition adds colored capes that you can wear. You can either craft them or find them in your world.

By the way, the cape can be dyed using any of the 41 prints.

Players cannot use the cape on servers, but it is available in the multiplayer world when you install this addon.

How does the Cape mod work in Minecraft PE?

Cape mod for MCPE

In the cubic world, the cape looks like a cape and can be worn after crafting. You will need 3 strings, 1 white banner, and a leather breastplate to create the item. Put the cloak on the floor and walk over to put it on.

To dye the item, you should press it down and hold it up with dye. You can choose from 35 colors and patterns. Try different materials such as cactus, liana skull, quartz and many others.

Cape mod for Minecraft PE - Addon

For example, to create a bamboo cape, you should use bamboo. There are several fun types: with a birthday cake, a Spider-Man cape and a ghost cape, and a YouTube cape.

You can also create a disappearing wand. This item can be used to remove the cape from the world. Clicking the right mouse button causes it to disappear.

If you can’t find all the items to craft, use the command “/function cape_items” and you will get all the items to change the texture.

New Cape

Cape addon for Minecraft PE

The New Cape addon in Minecraft PE adds several custom capes and capes to the game world. You can use different textures for your cape. The resource pack contains more than 50 types of capes.

The developers created two types of animations for this closet item to make it look more realistic.

By the way, players must restart the game after selecting the options.

Which versions of Minecraft PE support the Sare mod update?

Cape mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The block universe of Minecraft (Pocket Edition) will be complemented by a collection of unique cloaks immediately after the user installs the Cape mod for MCPE. However, all its benefits will be available only if the installation will be carried out on modifications compatible with the add-ons version of Minecraft PE. In this regard, remember that the addon Wearable Cape Banners is supported versions 1.11.0 – 1.19.50, and the New Cape add-on will work on versions 1.16.0 – 1.19.50.

How do I install the Cape mod for MCPE myself?

How do I install the Cape mod for MCPE myself

There’s nothing complicated about installing the Cape mod update to your MCPE! Any user, even those with no experience in downloading and installing APK files, can handle it. The first step is to download the Cape mod file, and the next step is to install it in the game.

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