Call of Duty mod for Minecraft PE

Call of Duty mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods

Each fan of the popular shooter, which has become a true legend of our time, will be able to transfer elements of his favorite game and in the cubic world. To do this, you just need to download the Call of Duty mod for Minecraft PE. The update is available to download for free and is characterized by a simple installation. Read more about it below.

Call of Duty mod for Minecraft PE

Call of Duty mod for Minecraft PE

Download Call of Duty mod for Minecraft PE to add weapons and armor to the game’s arsenal. In addition, the update allows you to meet the characters from the legendary shooter!

What does the Call of Duty mod do in Minecraft PE?

Call of Duty mod Minecraft PE

Call of Duty mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition is created especially for all fans of exciting shooters. After installing it, you will be able to meet the heroes of the game of the same name in the block world.

Also, users will get access to a variety of weapons for destroying enemies. Among them will be pistols and knives.

Call of Duty addon for MCPE

Call of Duty mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition 2

Creators of this update have introduced heroes from the shooter of the same name into the blocky world. Now there are two types of soldiers in the cubic space. The health of each of them is equal to 50 hearts. They attack opponents at a distance of fifty blocks.

Soldiers shoot at intervals of every few seconds.

Call of Duty addon for Minecraft PE

A special squad will also appear in the block space. Soldiers, whose health is seventy units, attack within a sixty block radius, firing three rounds at a time.

Users will also encounter snipers from the popular game. Their health is fifty units, and their attack radius is eighty blocks. They fire one round every few seconds.


Call of Duty mod for MCPE

After installing the update, the user will be able to get the equipment known from the legendary shooter. It should be used to fight enemies in the cubic world.

Among the various models, players are presented with a pair of helicopters. The first one has six fighters on board. The attack radius of the second helicopter is fifty blocks.

Its projectiles are missiles.

Call of Duty mod MCPE

Addition authors have also provided the appearance of tanks in the game. Among them are American, Israeli, Russian and German models.

All variants are equipped with grenade launchers and machine guns. Any of the tanks can be repaired if needed.

Weapons and items

Call of Duty mod Minecraft Pocket Edition

Players get the opportunity to create weapons. To do this, it is worth using the command /function cod. In the game arsenal will appear two machine guns, as well as a grenade from the game of the same name.

In addition, you can get a walkie-talkie, which allows you to call the helicopter.

Also, players can enter commands for the soldiers to help take a position in battle.


Call of Duty addon for Minecraft PE 2

This add-on introduces exclusively the knives from Call of Duty. These edged weapons make it easy to defeat aggressive opponents. In survival mode you can create all types of knives.

Compatible with Call of Duty mod versions of Minecraft PE

Getting access to all the new features in the game can only be achieved by installing any add-on on versions of MCPE that support its operation. Such versions are always mentioned by the developers, who indicated such versions of the game as 1.14.0 – 1.19.51 suitable for the “Call of Duty” addon, and 1.16.0 – 1.19.51 – for the “Knives” addon.

How to install Call of Duty mod in MCPE

Installing Call of Duty mod in MCPE is a process consisting of several simple steps, cope with which the user will enjoy the game in the style of the legendary shooter. These steps are listed below:

  1. Downloading the .mcpack file.
  2. Running the received file on your device.
  3. Waiting for the moment when the installation is complete.
  4. Launch MCPE.
  5. Creation of a new world.
  6. Going to the settings, followed by the activation of the mod in the Add-on Sets tab and the texture pack in the Resource Sets tab.
  7. Restarting the game.
  8. Launch the prepared world.

Download Call of Duty mod for Minecraft PE

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