C4 mod for Minecraft PE

C4 mod for Minecraft PE p2 Mods

If users are not satisfied with the lack of ability to plant explosives in the block world, they should download the C4 mod for MCPE to make up for this deficiency. The update is designed for versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51. Other details below.

C4 mod for Minecraft PE

C4 mod for Minecraft PE

Download C4 mod for Minecraft PE and get the chance to blow up anything you want on the block world. Powerful devices added by the update for the purpose of powerful destruction will help.

What new things will appear in Minecraft PE with the C4 mod?

C4 mod for Minecraft PE - review

There’s only one way to blow up something useful in MCPE, like your friend’s house. This can be done using THT, but it has its own drawbacks. For example, it doesn’t explode underwater.

Also, its blast radius is too small to cause any serious destruction in a cubic world. That’s why users have come up with new dynamite ideas.

Today you can find a lot of add-ons on the Internet. But the most interesting one is the C4 mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition!

TNT and dynamite throwing addon

c4 mod for minecraft pe 1.19

This simple addition for Minecraft PE changes the way TNT works in the game. Previously, you could place dynamite and set it on fire. This was inefficient, as the player would have to get closer to the enemy’s base.

Fortunately, this no longer has to be done because dynamite can now be thrown. This means that you can shoot at it and not even bother approaching the victim.

Destruction in a block world has never been easier.

c4 mod for minecraft pe 1.19

Addon C4 replaces several items in Minecraft PE with new types of TNT. For example, regular eggs have become true dynamite, and the Pearls of the Edge are now a fast version of TNT.

To get throwing explosives, you need to go to the taiga, as snowballs are now these explosive tools.

In addition, dynamite can also be bought from weapon smiths.

C4 Mod for Minecraft PE

C4 mod for Minecraft PE - Inventory

C4 modification for Minecraft PE acts almost in the same way. First of all, you need to place the explosives next to the enemies, and then use a brand new detonator.

The destruction caused by the explosion is enormous. They are comparable to the scale of the destruction of many blocks due to their combustion. The C4 mod for MCPE greatly improves the resource extraction process.

Due to the fact that it causes great destruction, you can use it in the mines to get to the precious diamonds as quickly as possible.
If there is a need to start building again, you can always destroy everything in sight with C4.

Which MCPE versions support the C4 mod?

c4 mod minecraft

Normal work of any update, including the C4 mod for Minecraft PE, depends on its compatibility with the version of MCPE on which it will be installed. If we are talking about a version that does not support the modification, no correct work can be talked about. Therefore, it is important to find out which versions of Minecraft PE are compatible with this or that mod before proceeding to install. For the TNT and dynamite throwing addon, as well as the C4 addon, any of the versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 is suitable.

Features of installing C4 mod in Minecraft

c4 mod minecraft pe

The main feature of the process of installing mod C4 in Minecraft PE is the need to strictly follow step by step, after which the game world will have new opportunities for devastating explosions of a huge radius. These are the steps:

  • Downloading and installing Block Launcher if you don’t have one.
  • Downloading installation file and unzipping it.
  • Launching the Block Launcher.
  • Clicking at the top of the screen -> “Texturepack” -> “Import” followed by selection of texturepack update.
  • Clicking at the top of the screen -> “ModPE Script” -> “Add” -> “Phone memory”, and then selecting JS modification file.
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