Blokkit mod for Minecraft PE

Blokkit mod for Minecraft PE - 2 Mods

Blokkit mod for Minecraft PE

Download the mod Blokkit – pets for Minecraft PE and get to know the cute creatures that will help in the game!

A brief description of the Blokkit mod for Minecraft

Blokkit mod for Minecraft PE

Blokkits are cute creatures that are well known to many users. They are essentially blocks that have arms, legs and even eyes. You can walk on them. The player can tame them and interact with them. If the user gets bored with the usual monsters in the game, the blokkit mod for MCPE will definitely help. With the help of these creatures you can perfectly diversify your survival.

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How does the Blokkit mod update work in MCPE?

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First of all, it is worth noting that the mod blokkit MCPE removes the villagers. Therefore, if the player arrives in the village, he will no longer see the residents that he is used to. Instead of them there will appear small and cute mobs that walk back and forth. There are a total of two types of blockkits: small and adult.

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First type can’t be tamed. To do this, you have to wait a certain amount of time for them to grow. However, this process can be accelerated. To do this, you need to take an apple in your hand and hold the cursor on the mob, after which he will eat the apple and grow.

Taming Pet Blocks

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In cubic world, the user has the ability to tame blockkits. To do this you need to use regular or golden apples. The tamed mob will constantly follow and help the player. For example, a blockkit can attack a spider.

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Features of mobs

Blokkit mod for MCPE

It is worth noting that these creatures are hostile at first, so they should be feared. You should approach them only after taming them. Small representatives of these creatures have 6 units of health, and adults – 15.

Blokkit mod for Minecraft

The player can ride the adults after taming them, which also helps a lot during long journeys. It should be noted that after the death of a pet block, a spawn egg appears.

Blokkit mod MCPE

This is handy, as this way you can quickly move this mob to another location.

Which versions of Minecraft PE are compatible with the Blokkit mod?

Blokkit mod Minecraft PE

This is exactly what the user needs to find out before proceeding to install the update, because whether a particular version supports this modification will depend on the correctness of its work. In order for the Blokkit update to add a lot of new creatures to the Minecraft PE game world, it should be installed on any of the versions 1.0.0 – 1.19.0.

Installation process of the Blokkit mod in MCPE

Blokkit addon for Minecraft PE

Anyone who decides to install the Blokkit update, which adds fun creatures to the MCPE block world on their own, will not encounter any difficulties. This is due to the simplicity of the installation process, involving only two steps:

  1. Downloading the boot file to your PC.
  2. opening this file in MCPE.
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