Ben Ten Mod for Minecraft PE

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Install the Ben Ten mod to fancy yourself an alien being with an ancient artefact.

Do you remember the adventurous TV series of the 2000s about superheroes who struggle for good and evil? Exactly, we are driving at “Ben 10”! So, Minecraft PE decided to revive the prominent characters in the game. Due to the persuasive appearance of the quirky creatures, the mod is getting popular.

Sure, who wouldn’t like to fancy yourself a hero eventually? It’s high time to install ambitious characters, thrilling maps and unique packs of textures. You can meet Ben Ten and his best friends.


With the addon installed, the Omnitrix’s owner pops up, having 60 hearts and being able to damage things on the way. When he is in a fury, he destroys things faster than you blink. This mob is irreplaceable in the survival world, killing most hostile mobs. Another Ben Tennyson frequently spawns around, mind it.

Ancient Items

An ancient artefact, Omnitrix, appear on the Earth a long time ago when the meteorite fell down. Due to this device, Ben is now able to transform into alien beings. It mostly belongs to the main character and it would be dangerous to give the artefact to other mobs as they would be able to turn into quirky beasts.


The Ben Ten mod presents many forms that the character can obtain, varying from Galactic Dogs to Lighting. Also, a little boy can become a Humanoid, Plasma or any other monster.

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