Among Us mod for Minecraft PE

Among Us mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods

Surely, every fan of Among As would like to meet her characters in the block world. Such an opportunity is given by the update Among Us MCPE, which adds to the game space crew members and imposters, as well as many other interesting things. It can be downloaded for free on versions 1.14.0 – 1.19.51. A full description is provided below.

Among Us mod for Minecraft PE

Among Us mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Download Among Us mod for Minecraft PE and join the team of crew members trying to find out who the impostor is. An interesting adventure awaits ahead aboard the spaceship.

among us mod minecraft pocket edition

What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition with the Among Us mod?

Among Us mod for Minecraft PE review

Among Us is a game that has become incredibly popular. Therefore, the opportunity to add various maps and mods on its theme will be of interest to many players.

among us mod minecraft pe

These additions bring the fun that some MCPE users have been missing. Now they can make all their missed dreams come true.

Description of Among Us mod for MCPE

Among Us mod for Minecraft PE 1.19

There will be 10 additional monsters in the block world. The main colored characters from the original game are now in this survival sandbox.

Blue, green, yellow and many others welcome the player around the world. But we shouldn’t forget about the traitors.

among us mod for mcpe

These characters, who look just like peaceful crew members, will vigorously attack the player. If you had to look for them in the original, this will not have to be done in the block world after installing the mod Among Us for MСPE.

mod among us minecraft pe 1.19

The fact is that impostors and ordinary crew members will be everywhere in the world. The player won’t even have to interact with them unless they want to.

Peaceful Crew Members.

among us mod for mcpe 1.19

Users can tame them using dice. This addon does not replace any existing mobs in the game.

Player will also find sheep, cows, pigs, zombies, etc. in the cubic universe. Once a crew member is tamed, it will follow the player and protect him from the imposter.

among us mod minecraft pe download

It is worth bearing in mind that impostors are quite strong to kill a crew member in one shot. This means that the player will most likely have to stand up to him.

Also, they are similar to dogs in that they can be left to sit and wait for the player.

minecraft among us mod mcpe

This little addition for Minecraft PE will make the game a little more challenging and exciting. No one ever knows who the impostor is.

On which versions of MCPE can I install the update Among Us?

among us mod for mcpe 1.19.51

Answer to this question is important, because if the mod is installed on a version that is incompatible with it, the user will not be able to take advantage of all its features.

That is why it is paramount to make sure that the available versions are in the range 1.14.0 – 1.19.51, all of which support the normal work mod Among Us for Minecraft PE.

Installing the mod Among Us in MCPE: steps

among us mod mcpe

The installation process of the mod Among Us, making which the user can fill the game world of Minecraft PE (MCPE) with astronauts in colorful suits, includes several steps.

First you need to download the boot file and open it in MCPE. After that, you need to open the settings and activate the sets. It is important to turn on “Experimental settings”, after which you can start Minecraft PE.

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