Airplane Mod for Minecraft PE

Airplane Mod for Minecraft PE Mods

Airplane Mod for Minecraft PE

Airplane Mod MCPE gameplay

Install the Airplane Mod for Minecraft PE and conquer the airspace with a wartime machine.

Airplane Mod for MCPE

It is not enough to have minecarts and horses with watercrafts in the game. MCPE must be improving and upgrading to keep up with the real time. So, the manufacturers have made up their minds to include airplanes to the cube world. This means of transport helps to change the location in winter and it will be more convenient than commuting by boat or a minecart which normally requires the railway system.

Airplane Mod for Minecraft PE v2.0

However, there are some players who like challenges and use boats or hoarse, depending on speed and goals.

Airplane Mod MCPE gameplay

The creators of Airplane mod ensure to make the game easier and please everyone and even those who prefer to cross the area on land as sometimes we all get tired of obstacles.

Wartime Aircraft

Airplane Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The war aircraft appeared by this addon can be very helpful if you play on the hostile side. In case you want to take a revenge over your friend and explode his place, this wartime car is a must for that. It fires rocket and destroy everything on the way.

Airplane Mod for MCPE apk

You can apply it in the Nether, too. None but you will conquer the airspace as it has everlasting ammunition.

Airplane Mod

The manufacturers also made some room in the aircraft to fill it in with all the stuff you need. There is also stockroom, similar to the hopper’s, with five slots. So, choose wisely before placing things there. It is worth mentioning that you can refuel the vehicle by throwing snowballs, too.


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