Aerial Tramway Addon


If you’re a Minecraft PE player and you’re looking for a fun way to travel, then the Aerial Tramway addon is perfect for you! This addon adds a new way of transportation to the game, allowing you to ride a tramway between different points in your Minecraft world.

Features of Aerial Tramway Addon

  • The addon adds a new tramway vehicle to the game
  • You can ride the tramway between two different points in your world
  • The tramway is powered by redstone, making it a fun and interactive way to travel
  • The addon is free to download and use

How to Install Aerial Tramway Addon

  1. Make sure you have Minecraft PE installed on your device
  2. Download the Aerial Tramway addon from MCPEDEX
  3. Open Minecraft PE and go to Settings > Global Resources
  4. Tap on the downloaded addon and click “Activate”
  5. The addon will now be installed and ready to use

Download Aerial Tramway Addon for Minecraft PE

So why wait? Download the Aerial Tramway addon today and start enjoying a new way of traveling in Minecraft PE!

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