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MCPE Mods: What are they and what are they for?

A mod is a tool to alter the appearance of a character, which allows the player to stand out from the rest on the server. While other users have a standard Steve, yours can be dressed as a superhero or a hipster. Due to this addition, the hero will be able to find supporters, which will make the adventure even more exciting. In addition to the addon, there is a selection of different landscapes and genres that will make the game much more exciting.

This app has been honed to perfection. There are versions with 3D and HD effects with all possible heroes from cartoons and legendary films for free. And the update doesn’t end there. The creator is still coming up with new images and genres for the game. But there is one nuance: you won’t be able to change the character without a skin, it must be downloaded and installed.

Can mods be used in Minecraft PE on iOS and Android?

You can get it on both iPhone and Android. There is only one condition: if you have already registered on Android, it will be possible to log into an existing account from iOS with some exceptions as App Store and Play Market are unrelated. This system has its own subtleties and nuances. The free download will be available from the App Store, but game updates will not be supported.

Installation on older and updated versions of Minecraft may differ. Therefore, to facilitate the task, you should work with an already updated app.

Follow the sequence of actions for iOS

How to get Minecraft skin for the PE version?

Let’s take a look at several ways.

1. Using the Minecraft app:
– Start the game;
– Go to Skins;
– Select your favourite image;
– Click on Download;
– Next, you should decide on the appearance of the character.

Choose the colour of the eyes, body, hair, hair length, etc. This stage is the longest, not everyone will be able to select the image of Steve or Alice in 3 minutes. After all, tap Save image:

– Go to Wardrobe;
– Select the image;
– Tap Agree in the tab of permission to access the gallery;
– Select the downloaded image in the gallery;
– Confirm action.

2. Using Android:
– Open the Play Market;
– Type “Skin for Minecraft PE” in the search engine;
– Select an icon (first or second in the app feed);
– Press Install;
– Open the app and choose the skin you like;
– Click on it and tap Save;
– Click on Gallery;
– Go to Minecraft -> Profile;
– Choose a character and change it;
– Click on the icon with several characters;
– Click on Owned -> Export -> Select a new skin;
– Tap the image of Steve or Alice and click on it.

3. Using iPhone and iPad:
– Go to the App Store;
– Enter “Skinseed” in the search engine;
– Click on Get;
– Enter the app;
– Choose your favourite skin;
– Click on Export;
– Go to Minecraft PE;
– Go to Profile -> Select a character -> Change it;
– Click on the icon with several characters;
– Select Owned -> Export -> Select new skin;
– Tap the image of the hero;
– Choose the best one from several options;
– Click on it.

How to get free skins for Minecraft PE?
To begin with, one fact should be mentioned that almost all skins are free. You can “buy” those that look like cartoon characters with super high-quality computer graphics. These are 4D, 5D, 6D skins.
To purchase these, you need to download the latest version of Minecraft PE 1.17. In this version, all skins, the character editor, emotions have been unlocked, and the XboxLive login verification has been removed.
How to get free skins:
– Push the game;
– Go to Skins;
– Select your favourite image;
– Click on Download;
– Give the character an image (colour of eyes, body, hair, hair length, etc.);
– Tap Save image;
– Go to Wardrobe,
– Press Select image;
– Tap Agree in the tab of permission to access the gallery;
– Select the downloaded image and confirm the action.
Now the game has a new character, with whom going on adventures and fighting monsters will be much more epic.

How to change mods in Minecraft PE?

If the image of the character has ceased to bring you pleasure, you can always change it. So, do the following steps:

– Click on Install content;
– Go to the Skins tab;
– Long press on the desired file -> click on Install;
– Return to Workshop;
– Select Change skin, or Change texture;
– Click on Use this skin.

Enjoy the new Steve and discover new endless expanses of the Minecraft worlds.

Popular skins for MCPE

The game has an endless variety of characters for every taste and colour. And the creators of the game do not stop there. If you are a beginner and don’t know who you want to be, let’s choose an image together.
Skins are divided into four groups:
1. Aesthetics. Here are non-standard images of characters. You can choose an image up to your mood, or return to the raucous 90s, or remember the fashion of the 2000s.
An ideal example is the Soft Emo image. Why soft? This is the opposite of 2013. They are dressed in soft pink and blue.
There is also the original image of Pantyhose. Alice, dressed in pantyhose or leggings and a long sweatshirt, creates a cozy atmosphere.
What do you think of the e-girl/e-boy style, a unisex option for musicians?
It’s time for a real version of Emo Kid from the year of sad music, when they were wearing short black hair, bangs to the side and black clothes with many piercings.
2. Girl. As for this section, it would be better to say: no boys allowed. If there is a real gamer behind the monitor, she can become anyone here, from an animal lover in a lovely apron to a demoness in beautiful lingerie.
3. Boy. There are no fewer males. There is a man in a raincoat, an old man on the beach, a man of darkness, and even Squidward, etc.
4. The best cool ones. Here, the presence of unusualness just rolls over. The strangest and most amazing creatures live here: Screaming Steve, Cursed Cat, Rock, Spider-Man, Gopnik (in assortment), Zombie, Stickman, Elf Girl, etc.

How to download mods  for MCPE?

Tired of the monotonous image of Steve? Do you want to be like all gamers and use your own skin? Then follow the instructions and be the coolest in Minecraft PE.
– Start the game
– Select Profile;
– Go to Character Editing;
– Navigate to the Purchased tab;
– Click on Import;
– Tap New Skin; Go to Gallery and select the desired hero;
– Choose the type: thin Alex or regular Steve;
– Click on Save.

How to install mod for MCPE?

On the Internet, there are different types of various addons for games. For lovers of the universe, Minecraft PE has developed an interesting toy that will add variety for gamers and an original appearance for characters. Now you can replace boring and basic Steve and Alice with Emo, Hello Kitty, Gopnik and many other interesting characters for free. For those who don’t like pixel guys, they can buy cool 4D, 5D, 6D skins for a small amount. It’s time for something new and different. Sounds intriguing? Then learn how to purchase addons to the game.

The developers of the skins tried to help everyone obtain them. So, there are three methods for any software.
1. For iOS:
– Go to the App Store;
– Type “Skinseed” in the search engine;
– Tap Get;
– Go to the app;
– Choose your favourite skin;
– Click on Export;
– Go to Minecraft PE;
– Go to Profile;
– Choose a character;
– Press Change it;
– Click on the icon with the characters;
– Tap Owned;
– Then Export;
– Choose a new skin;
– Select the downloaded image;
– Choose the best character in the list and click on it.
2. For Android:
– Go to the Play Market;
– Type “Skin for Minecraft PE” in the search engine;
– Select the desired icon and install;
– Open the app;
– Click on the desired mob and save it.
– You will be prompted to the export storage, choose Gallery;
– Go to Minecraft -> your personal profile;
– Click on the character, choose the best one and change its appearance and image;
– Press the icon with several characters;
– Click on Owned -> Export -> Select new skin;
– Select the saved image;
– Choose thin Alex or regular Steve and click on it.
3. Via the app:
– Go to the game and open the Skins section. Select the image you like the most and click on Download;
– Choose the appearance of the character: eye colour, skin colour, hair colour and length, body shape, etc. It is the most difficult and long process that everyone goes through individually. Someone needs 10 min to select an image, someone needs half a day. When you finish, save the image;
– Go to Wardrobe;
– Tap Select an image;
– Press Agree in the tab of permission to access the gallery;
– Select the downloaded image and confirm the action.
Now you have become the owner of an unusual type of Steve and Alice.
Start the game and show off the original and unique appearance of your character in the Minecraft world.