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Minecraft PE MCPE 1.19

Version MCPE for Android

Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE - download

Download the latest version of Minecraft PE for Android and experience upgrades of the cube world.

The manufacturers of Minecraft PE worked out the latest version in which numerous bags were fixed. Download Minecraft PE and enjoy smooth gameplay. MCPE

Let’s have a look at the improvements. First of all, you will not be bothered by black voids around. Secondly, the Inventory key is fixed. Thirdly, you will not able to fall when you come into the Edge portal.

Mobs in Minecraft PE compass

You will also notice some changes in behaviours of creatures. So, beware of playing as the turn of the game play will be definitely unexpected.

You got accustomed to the spot where Wither Skeletons showed up, but now you’d better look around in Wither Rose.

Besides, the game corresponds to Java Edition, so during swimming your hunger rates will differ a bit. MCPE Allay

The life in villages has also been altered in this version. Mobs can borrow not only ordinary literature, but enchanted one, too.

Items in MCPE MCPE - Warden

The main point of the game in Minecraft PE is the player’s engagement with nature. Thus, the fire is spreading fast in the forest. The block is ¼, and it can be damaged if there is a flower hidden in snow. However, the plant earlier kept still when the snow was falling over.

The command /clone is operating, so you can copy bubbles and invisible water will not come up.

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