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MCPE for Android - 2

Let’s learn what the developers have improved in the game, downloading Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live.

MCPE for Android - 2

Obviously, the developers of Minecraft PE have done great work, modifying locations, mob, etc. Let’s have a look at some significant changes in the game. Mobs will not show up often in some areas. The colour of grass will be a bit different in Burch, Roofed Forest and Savanna Mutated. The blocks are no longer possible to be crashed when falling over them, even if the creative mode is on. The text background can be adjusted in the quick access toolbar.

Minecraft PE for Android - 5

Mangrove Swamp – MCPE

Now, the biome is the place where give you many materials to take for repairs and constructions. Among them, there is wood from the mangrove trees which are very helpful to make shields, for example. So, the similar useful resources can be found here.

MCPE for Android - 2

Moreover, you can come across new nice inhabitants, like large frogs. The players can use them to make luminous blocks.

MCPE for Android - 4

Mobs in Minecraft PE

You are lucky to meet rare creatures wandering around the biomes. You will notice that they differ a little when moving from a village to a village. Thus, the Grove biome is no longer classified as Cold and the inhabitants will correspond to the updated variant. The Guardians are not allowed to float in the air.

MCPE for Android - 3

Moreover, the tamed mobs will come along with you the whole gameplay and follow your requests. So, it is high time to check all upgrades in the MCPE

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