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The MCPE developers have released a new update with fixed bugs. In this version, you are introduced a new control option and are able to meet Allay. It is time to download Minecraft PE Caves and Cliffs Part 2 for Android with a working Xbox Live and see what is new.

Darkness Effect in MCPE for Android

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Darkness effect in Minecraft PE is very unusual as it has visual field limitation for a while and gives new opportunities from the light. You can get the effect from the sculk blocks and shriekers and it is possible to block with wool or water.


Minecraft PE

This version’s MCPE world is full of frogs and tadpoles. Each type depends on the biome they inhabit. Amphibians can make sounds as real ones. You can feed them with slime to make them decompose.

The frogs are very helpful in the game. They can give a special decorative block in 3 colours.

Allay in MCPE


Allay is a very trustworthy mob. He can assist you to get the material and various valuable stuff. If you show him an object, he will find a similar one. Also, Alley will share things from the Inventory. Make sure you have turned on the Experimental Mode.

Other Updates in Minecraft PE

There is new type of control relating to the mobs’ behaviour. Open the game menu and select Enable New Touch Control Schemes in the Touch tab.

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