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Minecraft PE

Mojang Studios did their best to eliminate the complaints about the bugs and updated the game play in a new version of Minecraft PE. It is time to download Minecraft PE Cave & Cliffs Update Part 2 for Android with a working Xbox Live and check how correctly it works.

Biomes in MCPE

The developers keep on adding new biomes to make the game more exciting. The Dripstone caves biome is one of the largest where plenty of natural resources can be found such as copper ore. Such caves have extraordinary reservoirs, aquifers where lots of hostile mobs await you.


There are several types of frogs, depending on the biomes. Amphibians can breed, just feed them with the slime block. However, there is a decorative frog of 3 colours. To get the sculk blocks, feed such frogs with magma cubes.

Some mobs will get new addons. For instance, shalkers will not take the place on the block if it is vacant with a similar creature.

Other Updates in Minecraft PE

Mojang Studio is concentrated on the technical improvements in Minecraft PE So, plenty of commands are fixed, and one more is added. Enter the command /loot to insert loot.

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